Chapter 13:
Picking Up The Pieces

With a long and well-documented history of failure, psychiatrists and their drugs are under attack by government safety warnings, legislation, and tens of thousands of lawsuits.

Even psychiatrists admit that they have “no answer to mental illness.”

But there are actually hundreds of viable choices, little known only because of the influence of psychiatrists and the money power of drug companies. And these options can even help those in the greatest of mental turmoil.

Interestingly, underlying most psychiatric problems is an undiscovered and untreated physical illness. And when that is cured, so is the “mental problem.”

But because of the powerful hold psychiatrists and drug companies exert over the rest of the medical field, this is rarely told to patients.

To protect yourself and those you love, insist on a full and accurate consent: an accounting of all risks and benefits of the treatment recommended, of other treatments and of not doing anything at all.

Psychiatry: Hooking Your World on Drugs